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Spicy Winter Lentil Soup

Homemade, by me, spicy winter lentil soup. Ingredients – Serves 4 with enough for tomorrow too. Yeah,

Chicken and Veg Soup

I made the nicest chicken and veg soup last night. Say what you want about Norfolk birds,

Mashed Potato Sandwich

Have a creamy,

Soup by Emeril Lagasse

It’s a soup, but it’s a meal upon itself. From the book of Emeril Lagasse – flavour man extraordinaire – Honestly. It’s incredible. £2 for 3 nights. The pasta often sucks up moisture overnight. Just add … Continue reading

Tuscan Bean Soup

I had people over last night and made as a starter a ‘Tuscan Bean Soup’ that my dad copied down from a TV show in America – think it was Emeril. It’s fucking lovely, but you need to … Continue reading

Green Salad

This was posted back in the old days for Afgavinstan’s health, but I don’t think he ever learned.