Monthly Archives: September 2012


Made a focaccia on Sunday.


I’ll go again then,

Veggie Burgers

First effort, but they worked out very well. The quantities I used were a little off so the consistency was slightly loose,

Ham in Cola

Tomorrow I shall be making that crazy Nigella woman’s ham in cola. Made it once before a few years ago and it was great. Recipe and photo taken from Nigella. I have made this many times and it is … Continue reading

Pasta Ideas

Also, been mucking around with simple italian style pasta. Pasta a broccoli with a little garlic and chilli flakes. Just make sure you have good quality, olive oil and good pasta and it wins.   Posted by Facewon … Continue reading

Toasted Sandwiches

I’ve been making toasted sandwiches for lunch at work. Been buying good ingredients from the local upmarket supermarket and mixing and matching to see what works. Nothing like a good double brie and some proper good bread. Been … Continue reading

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Let’s face it, sun dried tomatoes are rubbish. And a lie. Home roasted ones are far nicer,

Andalusian breakfast

A typical Andalusian breakfast, possibly the perfect breakfast. And healthy too,

Pasta Peperonata

Like Jamie Oliver or not, this pasta dish is bloody gorgeous and nearly my favorite. Loses out to Spaghetti with clams.