Impressive Soup

Buy some vegetable stock from the supermarket. It has to be Marigold Bouillon.

Fry a sliced red onion slowly in butter and olive oil till starting to go soft. Add about 3/4 medium sized sliced carrots and cook for a few more minutes. Make a pint of Marigold stock and add enough to just cover carrots. reserve rest of stock to add if soup is too thick after blending. Simmer until carrots are soft (15 mins or so depending on thickness of sliced carrot) , but not as soft as school dinner carrots. Add a couple of grinds of pepper, another knob of butter, and liquidize well. The soup should be fairly thick. If it’s too thick add some more of the remaining stock till it’s of pouring consistency but not thin.

The next bit is important and will make or break it. Slowly add sea salt, tasting each time, until the soup just starts to taste slightly sweet but not salty. Bingo. You now have a soup you will make for life

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